Trouble Shooting Tips

Dog Out Of Fence?

Dead battery – change every four months, purchase through this web site or call us.

Make sure the collars tight enough (prongs should be touching dog’s neck).

Hold collar knee high with prongs facing upward at boundary wire to see if the collar beeps (if collar does beep, it must be retightened around the dogs neck)

Check collar by holding the dogs receiver next to the two loop wire of the transmitter, you should receive a beeping noise. If you don’t, please check the above hints.

If the receiver beeps at the transmitter and not at the boundary wire, this indicates that there was lightning damage to the transmitter’s lightning unit.

Transmitter Difficulties

Check to see if you have two indicating lights on the transmitter (Green power, Red loop; these should be on at all times.

If the alarm is on with only a green power light illuminated, this is a wire break and you should contact your Pet Guard dealer for service.

If three indicating lights are on with an alarm (power, loop, fault), your transmitter has malfunctioned and you should call your Pet Guard dealer for service.