Training Tips

After your Pet Guard Fence is installed, you should review the following steps with your dog (This process should take anywhere from two days – two weeks depending on the dogs ability to follow commands

Teaching your dog the safe zone

The safe zone is located in the middle of your yard. If your entire house is enclosed your yard should be divided in two zones (front and back). You should bring your dog to the center of either zone holding the leash.

Now proceed toward any one of the boundary flags. When your dog is within five feet of the boundary flag, give your dog the “flag command”. Your dog should turn away from the flag. Immediately drop the leash and run back to the safe zone.

Repeat these steps at each flag around the entire property. (As the dog adapts to its new environment, feel free to begin dropping the leash sooner which will allow the dog to feel more comfortable.)

Your dog should never be encouraged to cross the boundary flags.

When testing your dog you should remain within three feet on the opposite side of the boundary flags to prevent the dog from breaking through.

If your dog proceeds to enter the correction zone, you should stand in front of it as to block it from breaking through. Once it is corrected, you should both return to the safe zone.

Repeat steps as needed.

Boundary Flags

Boundary flags should remain in your yard for a total of thirty days.

After the second week of installation, you must remove every other flag.

After three weeks, you remove every flag except the corner flags.

After four weeks, remove the remaining flags.

If your dog shows difficulty in learning, delay flag removal an extra week.